Samsung Galaxy S21 FE unboxing reviewed by retailer buyer in South Africa

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE unboxing reviewed by retailer buyer in South Africa. Samsung expects to launch the long-awaited Galaxy S21 FE next month; however, there are a variety of reports that suggest that the announcement will occur at some point in the course of (January three or four) or the days following CES 2022 (January 11).


One customer has had the option of purchasing the unreleased phone from the retail store within South Africa. Reddit user u/UnknownWon has shared a few bits of information that we can all benefit from. The user uploaded an unboxing video that will show how to set up the S21 FE and also reveal the slim phone that doesn’t include the charger. In the past,

u/UnknownWon has posted an in-depth analysis of the handset affirming that the phone comes with a mAh battery of 4,500 that allows Quick Charging along with Fast Wireless Charging as per the settings menu. The user also suggests that the phone suffers from greenish tint but based this on the visual comparison with the Poco X3.

The user also states that there is no way to alter the white color balance that the display displays. u/UnknownWon further stated that the hardware on the phone is “lighter,” “comfortable,” and “premium” compared to his Poco X3 – which feels “sticky” and “cheap” when compared to.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE unboxing reviewed by retailer buyer in South Africa

The triple cameras appear to be using the same sensors used in the S20 FE. Another issue the customer mentioned on his Reddit thread was that the fingerprint scanner on display was optical, compared to the S21 series ultrasonic sensors.
Additionally, the phone has 6GB of RAM.


Also, the dual-SIM model in the region he was living in came with a Snapdragon 888 chipset, and it not equipped with the Exynos 2100 found in other S21 models that are available in the region. We wonder whether Samsung will release a 4G only version powered by Exynos similar to S20 FE. S20 FE.

The reviewer also uploaded a few pictures taken using an S21 FE, and they can viewed here. There’s at minimum one sample of each camera. According to earlier leaks and reports that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE will have a 6.41-inch AMOLED display, and the camera for selfies will upgraded to a 32MP camera. The phone expected to offered in Olive, Black, White and Purple with an estimated $699.

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