Xiaomi Redmi K30 specs published, officially launched on 10th December

It doesn’t tell us too much more about the specs of the device. The Redmi K30 specs are coming on the 10th of December. At that launch, we will find out everything about the K30 series. How many phones there are and what the differences are between the K30. What I assumed to be a K30 Pro today’s.


The poster confirms that the phone will indeed carry 5G. And be capable of dual-mode 5G. So stand-alone and no stand-alone Network support the render itself doesn’t show off any of the design features except.

Of course, the front screen design which we know is getting that dual-hole punch cut out. But this is just a render. Actually, on the top of the device, you can’t even see a speaker grille.


Redmi K30 leaked image

There is a power button on the right-hand side. It has also put in the render. As we know from a lot of leaks that have come out. Recently have pointed towards the possibility of LCDs in the K30 series. At least for the K30 and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor of course on this render.

You can’t make out. If it is or isn’t an enlarged fingerprint sensor coupled with the power button. 120 Hertz refresh rate screens have also rumored for the Redmi K30 specs. But again nothing is confirmed by ripping me right now.

If the K20 series is anything to go by. They will be using different chipsets in both of those files. MediaTek has just today announced their latest processor which is a high-end flagship processor with 5g capability and the fact that red has also announced her every k30 today new the way being himself reposted the MediaTek launched and said MediaTek.

Xiaomi will be working together to bring this MediaTek chipset to Xiaomi phones. Using a Redmi K30 and 2 to benchmark results of that MediaTek chipset came out today.


Xiaomi Redmi K30 specs published

And the thing is powerful it got a higher score than the Snapdragon 805. The queries 99 5G so this thing is a powerful flagship processor. Of course, the snapdragon 865 is coming out early next year. It would be expected to beat it further. But for a chipset from MediaTek.

Xiaomi Redmi K30 specs leaked

It is incredibly powerful. It is on a par with other flagship chipsets show me. You want to be one of the first to release information about upcoming 5g phones. Because a lot is about to hit the market. We’ve got the V30 series from honor. The highway number six. The opera no.3. The x50 from real me and the x30 from Vivo. All hitting the mark here in or around December. Today in China a 5g product from Xiaomi has registered again.

We can’t pinpoint exactly what the device this will be going into. But the device that has been registered is capable of 66 watts fast charging. The opera Rena ace has 65-watt fast charging. So it seems like Xiaomi wants to go one better and give us 66. Xiaomi registered two 5g smartphones.

Recently one with 30-watt charging and this new one with 66 for charging. That’s 66 what fast charging could be going into a shammy me 10. Xiaomi released so many smartphones in the next year. Wouldn’t be going into the K30 series in any case.

There are going to be a lot of new devices with 5g coming out from Xiaomi and Redmi very shortly. Stay with us for the latest tech news. And everything to do with Redmi that’s it for now but I’ll see you in the next one.

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