Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 65W 1A1C launched for ¥149 ($23)

Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 65W 1A1C launched a new charger, it will sale for ¥149 or $23 US dollar. Xiaomi is gaining much confident in every parts of technology gadgets. The company is much popular for It’s charger and earphones. Xiaomi is going to release this charger in China, and told that the charger price will be $23. If we talked about the charger capacity, then it will come with 65W capacity. the power adapter uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) instead of silicon.


The newly launched xiaomi mi gan charger 65w 1a1c is a new edition of the unique mi gan charger 65w from remaining yr. Consequently, their version numbers most effective vary through a unmarried digit. The previous bears the model number ad652g, whereas the latter is identified as ad65g.

Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 65W 1A1C launched for ¥149 ($23)

In reality, both of them have an identical fee tag. The only foremost difference between the two is the variety of ports. The older version has a unmarried usb kind-c port. Then again, the brand new version comes with ports – usb kind-a and usb type-c. For this reason, its call includes the tag ‘1a1c.


The USB Type-A port can only support up to 18W. However, the USB Type-C port maxes at 65W. When both the ports are in use, the output rate of the Type-C port drops to 45W, but the Type-A port continues to provide 18W.

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