Xiaomi Mi 11 series teased with night video mode in Weibo post

Guys, the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series is in the last stage. This launch event will be held on 28 December. Xiaomi is hyping us up with a brand new feature – video Night mode. Or at least that’s what we could gather from the Google-translated text on Weibo.


Wishing Merry Christmas Xiaomi posted a video about a teaser of Xiaomi Mi 11 flagship on their Weibo. This video highlights the handset’s low-light video recording capabilities and even hinting at a special Night video mode. And all thanks to the advancements of computational photography.

This is to say that, we have never seen a dedicated Night video mode before. So, we are so excited about it. We are curious to see how that would turn out. But this is not appropriate to judge. It was just a teaser video. So, we should wait to see how it works. The end result would most definitely be better-looking than this.


And guys, today we are also wishing you a merry Christmas. Celebrate this occasion from your own place. Best wishes to all.

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