Xiaomi Achieves 4th largest smartphone maker in 2019

We don’t know about the successive story behind Xiaomi. But we hear about the growing rate of Xiaomi in the previous year. It produces so many smartphones that give good performance to the consumers. By using Xiaomi’s smartphones, the users are really very happy. They give us many varieties and features. For these reasons, Xiaomi achieves 4th place of the largest smartphone maker company in Western Europe in 2019.


Xiaomi achieves 4th largest smartphone maker in 2019

Not only India but also Europe loves Xiaomi smartphones too. President of Xiaomi International Shou Zi Chew stated that the company is the fourth-largest smartphone maker in Western Europe. It is really so impressive Xiaomi achieves 4th place.

The company’s market share has reportedly grown an impressive 90% year over year. Xiaomi recorded a revenue of $10 billion for the first three quarters of 2019. Half of the revenue comes from the outside of China. That means Xiaomi is growing very well. Xiaomi is genuinely a global company.


Xiaomi has a plan for this year. They wanted to release more than ten 5G networks supported smartphones in the following year.

Of course, Xiaomi makes much more than smartphones. According to Shou, Xiaomi scooters make up 17% of the market in Western Europe.

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