Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs Mi 11 Ultra shootout check out

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs Mi 11 Ultra shootout check out. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra was officially unveiled last week, and we are working on a full review. It’s part of our process for assessment to take a lot of picture samples – lots of examples.


Let’s look at some sample photos from the new phone, including comparisons with the previous model from Xiaomi – the Mi 11 Ultra. As this is a review, we felt you might like to see some photos we’ve shot, including analogue footage from 2016’s primary camera – the Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs Mi 11 Ultra shootout check out

We’ll leave the technical aspects of image quality for review. For now, enjoy the sights! Reminder: you can use the “Compare” button to compare two images. This will allow you to reach a shot of a Xiaomi 12 ULTRA and an 11 ULTRA shot side by side, but also compare some of the shooting modes on board (which were co-developed by Leica). Our first photo is focused on that 1″ Sony IMX-989 sensor in their primary camera.

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