Xiaomi 12S Ultra video reviews has come out on YouTube

Xiaomi 12S Ultra video reviews has come out on YouTube. With great promises and unique features, including a Sony 1-inch camera sensor, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra debuted. This Leica-developed camera-centric flagship was the subject of our yesterday-posted camera review.


In it, we outline the benefits this new camera has over its forerunners and rivals and how it produces probably the greatest still images we’ve ever seen from a smartphone. Although the ultrawide and zoom lenses perform at least as well as the Mi 11 Ultra from the previous year, we had higher hopes for the video quality.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra video reviews has come out on YouTube

The 12S Ultra may have a camera-like appearance, but it has a lot going for it, including an excellent OLED display, dual speakers, and an IP68 rating. It is also the first phone with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 to hit the market. However, this distinction is meaningless because Xiaomi won’t export the product. Xiaomi chose to use 67W for the 12S Ultra in a world where charging speeds are increasing.


The stereo speakers are also performing admirably, and although the 4,860mAh battery and its charger did not top any charts, they nonetheless proved quick enough for power users. Sadly, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is currently only a demonstration model.

Due to the Chinese MIUI and pre-installed apps, users outside of China will have a difficult time obtaining it and an even more difficult time configuring it. Additionally, even the menus for system apps are different, Netflix is limited to SD (even if your friend is paying for Ultra HD), and the default keyboard is in Chinese. We enjoyed evaluating this phone, and perhaps we’ll soon be able to use its unmatched camera on a widely available device.

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