World’s first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port up for sale

World’s first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port up for sale on eBay. Slovakian business DEEP has modified the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max to work with the USB-C port. For quite a while people have been wondering (and speculation has been circulating since the year 2017) the reason Apple hasn’t yet switched its iPhone over to USB-C. 


The iPad and Mac ranges already have the standard that is universal. The company has produced an animation of the change procedure. After opening the phone and taking out the Lightning port flex cable and the USB-C connector are taken to ensure that it can be fitted with a housing onto the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After taking off the Lightning port’s gaskets, the gap left is only enough to allow a USB-C connector to fit into. 

A flexible cable is created using the USB-C port, which is an original MFi chip removed from another device. Then, it is soldered to the flex component and then put on the device again using the latest 3D-printed housing. The USB-C connector fits almost perfectly. In order for the new location for MFi to allow the MFi chip to be able to fit the speaker module, it must be trimmed down. 


World’s first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port up for sale on eBay

After careful assembly and the installation of a new battery this USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max is in good condition to turn on. The device has been tested and is operational. It can be used with iTunes and storage, it connects to Mac and can be charged using the original Apple charger that uses the USB-C C cable (or USB-A to C cable) that is connected to its USB-C port. 

The device is available on eBay and anyone who wishes to buy it will be able to get the world’s first USB-C-powered iPhone. The auction started on Thursday and will close in March 6, 3 AM ET. In November Robotics Student Ken Pillonel from Switzerland has managed to change the iPhone X to with work that had a USB-C connection. the device was auctioned off on eBay to a winner for $86,001. 

It’s important to note that Pillonel’s USB-C iPhone X is not updatable and cannot be reset or restored. However DEEP’s modified iPhone is an plug-and-play device as it comes with the chip MFi. It’s unclear if DEEP’s software is able to be updated or reset. We’re also interested to know how the modified iPhone is waterproof. Do we ever get an iPhone equipped with a USB-C port from Apple? We’re not sure yet, but the folks from DEEP have taken things to their own.


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