Vivo speaks out revised Android 10 update timeline

Vivo is a Chinese company. It also promised us to take action against Android 10. Now Vivo speaks out revised Android 10 update timeline. Frankly, no one buys a Vivo phone to get the android os update fast. And it is also true that in Vivo Android Update is very slow.


Vivo wanted to bring Android Update to their devices by the end of December 20. In the meantime, as Vivo has updated its operating system, vivo has been more slowly done.

Vivo speaks out revised Android 10 update timeline

After attributing the coronavirus, Vivo has finally announced its new revised update. But even if their phones are ahead in the Chinese market, the international market will usually lag behind.


Vivo’s new model will come with its \Android 10 updates and run fast. Vivo speaks about its OS update. Everybody was waiting to hear good news from Vivo Company.

Vivo Android 10 Funtouch OS upadte screenshot

Everyone is now accustomed to getting more for less. Today, all the aspirations of modernity are touching the sky. As a result, all the companies have started bringing Android 10 Update to their phones. Thanks for being on our side. Hope you stay with us in the future.

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