The beige Galaxy Z Fold4 actually looks nice as seen in leaked renders

The beige Galaxy Z Fold4 actually looks nice as seen in leaked renders. Was anyone alarmed when they learned that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s hue is “beige”? Beige isn’t a color that many people would choose as their favorite, but it does look rather good, especially when matched with a gold hinge and trim.


Here is a sneak peek, courtesy of Evan Blass, who shared renderings of three of the Z Fold model’s four hues. Let’s examine the reliable Phantom Black hue next, which follows beige. Perhaps it won’t be called “Phantom Black” after all; it appears darker. Other than that, not much has changed since the Z Fold3 era. The internal display has also been modified, and the cover display’s aspect ratio has been restricted (according to rumors, it is 23:9 and 12:10, respectively, for the new model vs. 24.5:9 and 11.2:10 for the old one).

According to rumors, the hinge has been altered to reduce the crease. Moving forward, we’ll assume that this hue is “gray-green.” Although the subtle tints in digital photos might be deceiving, “green” isn’t the color that immediately springs to mind when seeing these images. The earlier model’s “Phantom Green” was rather subdued and gloomy, but at least it was recognizable as green.

The beige Galaxy Z Fold4 actually looks nice as seen in leaked renders

The fourth colorway Burgundy Red was listed in the list of SKUs that were leaked. Sadly, that wasn’t included in this leak (it is, perhaps, a region, carrier, or site exclusive). It’s really bad because that hue seemed like the most intriguing one.

The Z Fold3 had a lovely monochromatic color scheme when it first debuted, and the Galaxy Z Fold4’s “gray-green” choice leans heavily toward “gray.” The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will also be available in four colors, but they will be more vibrant than the Fold’s.


All four have been depicted in renderings, but Blass revealed pictures of the phone from fresh perspectives. So, in order to be thorough, here they are: On August 10, which is less than two weeks away, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold4, and Z Flip4, as well as new wearables including the Galaxy Watch5 series and new Galaxy Pro earphones.

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