Tablet sales dropped by 0.6% in Q4 2019, Apple still leads

There are many kinds of smartphones. One of them is the Tablet. According to the IDC news, Tablet sales dropped by 0.6% in Q4 2019. Apple is still leading in the first place in the market. Day by day, Tablet users are increasing. Users are getting excitement by using new-gen tablets.


Tablet sales have yet again declined in the fourth quarter of 2019. Because after a slight upheave during the Q3 period. IDC reports show that the tablets market is down by 0.6% year over year. A total of 43.5 million units were shipped during the October-December period.

Tablet sales dropped by 0.6% in Q4 2019

Apple is still on leads

A great matter of fact is, Apple is still the leader. As it managed to sell an estimated 15.9 million units in Q4 2019. Samsung with 7 million and Huawei with 4 million round our the top three. That is really a piece of good news.

Tablet sales dropped by 0.6% in Q4

Amazon saw a steep decline of 29% compared to Q4 2018 with just 3.3 million shipments this time around while Lenovo sits in fifth place with its 2.5 million sales.

Last year, the tablet market grow by 1.5% as global shipments totaled 144.1 million units. In fact, Apple sold the most tablets with 49.9 million, more than double second-place Samsung which managed 21.7 million units.


Tablet sales Drop

As we know, Huawei sits at 3rd with 14.1 million shipments. It followed by Amazon with 13 million and Lenovo with 8.5 million shipments.

Apple (+15.2%) and Amazon (+9.9%) were the only two vendors to see sales growth in 2019. They are the most profitable tablets maker company as well. It is growing day by day. At a time, Tablet will become the turning point of Apple.

Tablet sales dropped by 0.6% in 2019

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