Sony Xperia Announcement 2020 introduction

Everybody knows that MWC has canceled the 2020 event. But Sony decided to go through to launch its latest Xperia lineup. Sony Xperia Announcement 2020 introduction.


In a presentation, Sony decided to go through with the launch of its next Xperia lineup. We expected to see at least two new Xperia lineup smartphones from Sony this year.

Sony Xperia Announcement 2020 introduction

I also wanted to see a flagship named Xperia 1 II and a mid-ranger by the name Xperia 10 II. Sony Xperia lineup was a fantastic phone I’ve ever seen. Its performance was really so impressive.


But at the moment Sony stopped to reproduce its Xperia lineup. Don’t know why. Are they improving themselves? It might be a reason. The event starts at 8:30 AM CET/7:30 AM UTC. You can follow it live by tuning to the live stream below.

The Xperia 1 II comes with a 6.6” OLED panel and three cameras. It placed at the upper side of the left corner. Last year, Xperia L3 was also apart of the MWC announcement. Thanks for being with us. We are coming soon with another news till then be happy and stay tuned.

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