Sony pledges to double its games for mobile by 2025

Sony pledges to double its games for mobile by 2025. Sony, the company that developed PlayStation games, has revealed its game release plans in the near future. On its annual investor day, the company stated that by 2025, half its games would be accessible played on PC or mobile devices, which would result in dropping the percentage of PS games released.

Today, only 10% of Sony games are available on mobile devices, but in three years, they’re likely to increase by 20% and make up 20% of the total. Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan stated that expanding its availability for the company to PC and mobile devices, and live services and live services, will provide “the opportunity to move from a situation of being present in a very narrow segment” of the gaming industry to one where Sony can be found “pretty much everywhere”.


Sony pledges to double its games for mobile by 2025

He didn’t say anything concerning PlayStation 4 in particular, but according to slides from the official presentation the launch of PlayStation 4 will be eliminated by 2025. That’s not unexpected considering that PlayStation 5 has been out for quite some time. 

In retrospect, Sony did the same with PS3 and was then removed two years after the PS4’s launch. The move to mobile will be made possible by a new business division inside Sony IE, headed by the former Apple Arcade content chief Nicola Sebastiani. It’s part of a future in which important elements of the Sony community extend beyond the console-centric one.

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