Smartphone image sensor growth rate is 15%

According to reports Strategy Analytics, the Smartphone image sensor growth rate is increasing day by day. It stands for 15% in the first half of this year. The Total revenue reached $6.3 billion for the six-month period. I think the growth rate should increase more in the following years.


The rate chart shows that Sony is at the top position in the list. According to the camera performances, Song deserves that position. Sony took home the lion’s share of the market, 44%, but its revenue declined due to stronger competition. Its biggest rival is Samsung with a 32% share, followed by OmniVision in a distant third.

Smartphone image sensor growth rate is 15%

Smartphone image sensor market revenue

We demand with high-resolution sensors – 64MP and 108MP. Camera count was the other major factor driving sales, which kept 8MP and even 2MP sensors relevant. I love to play with the camera. Basically for photographs.

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