Samsung’s future foldable smartphones come with an S Pen slot

Samsung’s future foldable smartphones come with an S Pen slot. While Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 did ship in August with S Pen functionality, it lacked a dedicated S Pen slot like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Last month, Samsung acknowledged in a meeting with its suppliers that the Galaxy Z Fold series’ absence of a dedicated pen slot is one of the hurdles that must be overcome to increase the range’s popularity.


This might change with future Samsung foldable smartphones. Samsung originally intended to put an S Pen slot on the Galaxy Z Fold4, and the company also wanted premier cameras on the foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s future foldable smartphones come with an S Pen slot.

However, space and thickness constraints prevented the inclusion of either feature. Both are areas where Samsung hopes to make strides in the future, as the company aims to increase interest in its Fold series by making its foldables more attractive to consumers.

The company’s software development efforts have addressed the 4:3 aspect ratio of the Fold series’ displays and flattened the screen’s fold for improved use. Samsung has informed its suppliers that, despite the difficulties of developing the Galaxy Fold series, the company anticipates a CAGR of up to 80% for the foldable smartphone market between 2019 and 2025.

It predicted that Apple would join the foldable market in 2024, but not with iPhones at first. Furthermore, Samsung disclosed that iPhone users in their twenties and thirties in South Korea were switching to Samsung’s foldable smartphones at a rate of 3-4 times higher than before. It predicted that up to 90% of current smartphone owners would purchase foldable smartphones as their next device.


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