Samsung LCD plant sold in China to TCL for $1.8 billion

Samsung LCD plant sold in Suzhou, China. We heard that the main buyer is the local company CSOT. This company owned by TCL, the conglomerate that also builds the Alcatel smartphones. It has sold its LCD plant for $1.8 billion.


The whole property has divided its share in percentages. CSOT owned 60% of the LCD plant. We know that TCL is the parent company of CSOT, TCL owns it’s 10%. While the rest 30% will hand out to the Suzhou government. The plant produced 27% of Samsung Display’s total amount of LCD panels. Most of the displays are being for monitors and TVs.

Samsung LCD plant sold in China to TCL for $1.8 billion

According to the Korea Herald report, the plant has three 8.5-generation production lines and one 11-generation line. Hopefully, the latter planning to begin manufacturing from early next year. Let’s wait and see what happened next.

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