Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 pioneers Android 12L officially

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 pioneers Android 12L officially. Yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 was made available for pre-order. Samsung’s new foldable flagship ships with One UI 4.1.1 and contains a ton of new capabilities for ideal multitasking that was created “alongside partners.”


One of the peculiarities of the new camera was not noticed because of the attention being paid to the design improvements. The first smartphone to officially launch with Android 12L is the Galaxy Z Fold4. In October 2021, Google first presented the L version, and six months later, it was brought up again.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 pioneers Android 12L officially

Foldables, tablets, and Chrome OS devices are all considered large screens, or L-devices. It can be installed on any device, but it is multitasking optimized, and programs have been redesigned to work for large displays. Select productivity and social media applications are also aware when the device is folded so they flip in their usual configuration.

Google apps are available in two columns, which is simpler to browse on a display that resembles a square. Only the Fold4 is now available with Android 12L; however, while having a folding display, the Flip4 is better suited to running the standard version of Android.

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