Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 price, Is it reasonable or not?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 price, Is it reasonable or not? Recently, there have been a ton of leaks regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5, which is expected to be officially unveiled during the final week of July at a special event in Korea.


Today, we learn about a crucial jigsaw piece: the cost. If the information from Greece is accurate, it will mark a considerable increase above Flip4’s initial price from the previous year. According to rumours, the next model would cost €1,299 and include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 price, Is it reasonable or not?

Considering that the Galaxy Z Flip4’s 8/128GB variant originally retailed for €1,099 in the Eurozone, this price increase represents an approximately 20% increase in cost. Due to different VAT rates, fees may naturally fluctuate slightly across the Eurozone but don’t anticipate these fluctuations to exceed €30–40.


If this information is accurate, the Flip5 will thus cost more than its predecessor in any case. Given that the forthcoming model will have a gigantic outside screen that makes the Flip4s appear like a joke in contrast, users may be more willing to accept the price increase.

Interestingly, the competition had worked out how to eliminate hinge gaps before Samsung.However, remember that this is only a rumour for now, so proceed cautiously. There will undoubtedly be additional pricing-related leaks in the upcoming weeks, and we’ll see if they support this price point.

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