Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 just got the One UI 2.5 update

From the very morning, I was searching for the updated news about upcoming and recently released smartphones. I found Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is receiving the One UI 2.5 update. I was really happy to hear this news because I’m a huge fan of Samsung mobiles. The tab’s quality of Samsung brand is much better than any other company. After analyzing the specs of Galaxy Tab S6, I personally recommend this to use.


Last week, Samsung rolled out the One UI 2.5 for Galaxy Note10 and S10 lineup. After these phones, Samsung is completely ready to be with Tab S6. Before this rolled out celebration, they have already tested it so many times. Definitely Samsung got some positive results, which will make the phone more user friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 just got the One UI 2.5 update

According to our source, we confirmed that the One UI 2.5 update will come in September 2020. This update brings along Edge Panel, Voice Recorder, AR Zone, improved Multi-Window, and Wireless DeX. These are quite amazing. The last one of this lists allows you to launch DeX on compatible TVs without a cable. Are you happy to know this fact?

The new builds allow the users to connect the Wi-Fi network password from a nearby device that’s already connected to that network. This feature is definitely a new feature at all. You can also able to see the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. This update is currently seeding in Germany for both the Wi-Fi and LTE models. It is sporting firmware version number T860XXU3BTI2 and T865XXU4BTI1, respectively.

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