Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s new Snapdragon version promo materials leaked

Rumors grow about Samsung Galaxy S21 FE re-launch in India. The new Snapdragon S21 FE model is coming soon, within ten days. It has been revealed through leaked promo materials.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s Snapdragon version promo materials

This promo material leaked that the new Galaxy S21 FE has some important changes. First, it uses a Snapdragon 888 chip instead of Exynos 2100. It also has more storage, going from 128GB to 256GB, and it likely has 8GB of RAM. Another change is the addition of a new color option called Navy Blue. This joins the existing color options of White, Graphite, Lavender, and Olive.

No official price yet for Galaxy S21 FE. Rumors say it could be around INR 49,999 ($600) for a 256GB version. The new model is likely to have the same updates as the original.


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