Samsung Galaxy S20 family sells only 60%

Samsung Galaxy S20 family sells only 60%. It is as much as the S10 models last year. The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted sales of high priced smartphones. Don’t be frustrated, Samsung seems to have an answer for you.


South Korea is the home land of Samsung. According to a report from the South Korea, the company held a private informal conference call for some securities analysts. The entire world is now stagnant due to the coronavirus epidemic. Lockdowns are now under way in almost all countries.

Samsung Galaxy S20 family sells only 60%

In order to prevent this epidemic, all educational institutions, including government and non-government, shops, shops and shopping malls have been declared closed. People are in a state of confinement. Since the shopping malls closed and people held hostage, all smartphone sales have also stopped.


The graph of this smartphone’s sales will remain low to low, as long as this coronavirus is not completely eliminate.

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