Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra goes through FCC with mmWave support

Last time we told you about the specifications of Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Now we are telling something more. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra goes through FCC with mmWave support. At this time, this smartphone will come with an S865+ chipset. It is so cool at all.


Some people told that was a rumor. But I don’t think so. The chipset is explicitly listed as Qualcomm SM8250 – that’s Snapdragon 865. It likes the “Plus” variant and the modem is an X55. I like Samsung’s products just because of the overall performance. Samsung have made a quality product.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra goes through FCC with mmWave support

The equipment under test EUT contains:

  • Qualcomm SM8250, Modem Supporting 2G/3G/4G WWAN Technologies
  • Qualcomm SDX55M Modem supporting 5G NR

Both of Qua!comm. SM8250 and SDX55M modems are enabled with QuaIcomme Smart Transmit feature. This feature performs a time-averaging algorithm in real-time to control and manage transmitting power and ensure the time-averaged RF exposure is in compliance with FCC requirements all the time. Refer to the Compliance Summary document for a detailed description of Qua!come‘ Smart Transmit feature (report SN could be found in Section 1.11 — Bibliography).


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