Samsung Galaxy A54 leaked a slightly larger battery

Samsung Galaxy A54 leaked a slightly larger battery. Recently, information on the battery life of the next Samsung Galaxy A54 has been leaked (EB-BA546ABY). Its rated capacity will be 4,905mAh, increasing over the Galaxy A53’s 4,860mAh.


Compared to the Galaxy A53, which boasts a 5,000mAh battery, the A54’s battery capacity is anticipated to be reported at 5,100mAh. Does it also have quicker charging times? We don’t know, although it’s unlikely, given that the present model can charge at 25W. (as much as the premium S22 and quite possibly the S23 as well).

Samsung Galaxy A54 leaked a slightly larger battery.

A new 50MP primary camera is expected to be included in the Galaxy A54, as previously reported by GalaxyClub (the A52 and A53 had 64MP leading cams). In addition, the 5MP depth sensor included in earlier versions will not be included.


It is possible that a more robust primary sensor might not need a separate depth sensor. The Samsung Galaxy Ax4 line is rumored to debut in the first quarter of 2019; March is a likely target month, as it was for the Ax3 line.

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