Samsung analyzed new power-efficient OLED panels

Samsung the Korean tech giant is the number one smartphone brand. Samsung is world-famous for its display panel. It is the master of this art. Samsung analyzed the new generation of power-efficient OLED panels, which is currently used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is efficient and brighter.


OELD is cutting power draw by 16% while brightness is also increasing. Our Galaxy S21 Ultra test results prove that the display can be really bright and the battery runtimes panel also looks more efficient which confirms Samsung’s claim.

We all know that LEDs use organic light-emitting diodes and Samsung has come up with a new component that will increase the speed of the electrons which will increase the brightness. It is implicit that Samsung will make this new generation OELD for other manufacturers but it is not clear when the new technology will hit the market in any consumer finished product. For now, the only way to experience the new technology is to get a Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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