Redmi Note8 Pro Android 10 update is ready to releases in China

Xiaomi is the mother company and Redmi is the sub-brand of Xiaomi. It grows very well like others. If we observe it launched so many mobiles recently. Now the latest one is Redmi Note8 Pro. As we know the Redmi Note8 Pro Android 10 update is ready to releases in China.


Xiaomi Note 8 Pro Android 10 update is ready to releases in China

It is the most recent successful model Redmi launch ever. It worked so hard for this model. They added so many features to get better performance and loves from the consumers.


Redmi Note8 Pro Android 10 update

For a while, this phone is running the latest MIUI 11. Redmi would explore slowly all over the world. It could come with its Global ROM. We are waiting for the next update or event. It took a long time for rolling out in the market.

Note8 Pro Android 10 update screenshot

Redmi confirmed it would roll out in Pakistan also. But we confused how it took long. As we know, Redmi Note 8 Pro is bringing Android 10 to the immensely popular mid-range device.

This update’s model number is MIUI 11 v. It can take around 1.9GB file download. It can update its security patch in the first week of March 2020. Thanks for being with us. we are coming soon with another news. Till then be happy and Stay tuned.


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