Redmi K30 5G will launch on 7th January of 2020

We already had a post about K30 5G. Redmi is a growthful mobile company. Actually, it is the subcategory of Xiaomi. Finally, Redmi announced its launch date of K30 5G. Redmi K30 5G will launch at 7th January of 2020.


Redmi K30 5G will launch on 7th January of 2020

The K30 and K30 5G both of them reached earlier this month. While the vanilla version is already selling hot in the market.

We are still waiting to know the launch date of the 5G-enabled variant. Finally, today the Xiaomi’s subcategory Redmi announced when the phone will up for pre-order – January 7.


The K30 5G has a Snapdragon 765G chipset that comes with an integrated modem for next-gen connectivity. I think it is really awesome for a game lover.

It is also the first phone of the sub-brand that can reach k30 5G speeds. And it is right. That is only one of the reasons, why the phone is so awaiting. We can discuss that.

K30 reaches with four shooters on the backside of the phone. The main camera is 64 MP with an IMX686 sensor by Sony. At the front side, we have a 6.67” LCD panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

There are two holes for the two front-facing cameras – one 20 MP and a 2 MP auxiliary one for bokeh effects.


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