Redmi K20 Comes with not only MIUI 11 but also Android 10

Redmi is the subcategory of Xiaomi. At the same time, it also becomes popular like Xiaomi. Xiaomi started pushing stable MIUI 11 back in November, but that was still based on Android 9.


Today a report from China unveiled a new update hitting Redmi K20 smartphones.

It becomes so popular in the marketplace. Xiaomi Redmi K20 actually brings Android 10, acting as a base for Xiaomi’s user interface.


Redmi K20 MIUI 11 Update 2019

This phone’s model number is MIUI V11.0.2.0 QFJCNXM and weighs 2.3 GB.

Along with the security updates, it brings Android 10 features. Like privacy settings and better location control, Wi-Fi sharing via QR code.

Its features are combining with the design overhaul of the MIUI 11 and the system-wide Dark Mode.

K20 MIUI V11.0.2.0 QFJCNXM

The K20 is currently receiving the package in China, but once the Chinese company has done adapting the Google Services. It should start shipping to global units as well.



Don’t forget that if you turned off automatic updates on Redmi, you have to check manually whether the package has arrived.

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