Red Magic 7 Pro released with 135W charging, UD camera

Red Magic 7 Pro released with 135W charging, UD camera, improved cooling. The brand new Red Magic 7 line comes with a greater thirst for power. 135W of power included in the Pro model. Its Pro can also boast the distinction of being the only gaming handset to have an under-display camera. Nubia has also unveiled the exclusive “Red Core 1” chip that is aimed at performing some tasks related to gaming. Let’s take a look at the upgraded cooling system that is ICE 8.0 because that is where the real potential of the 7-series is. 


It is equipped with a fan running at 20,000 rpm, as previously, but nubia has added the “canyon air duct”, which connects to another air intake. This increases airflow by 35% over previous versions and keeps the chipset at a temperature of 3oC less than it was before. The canyon air duct made of metal is the main reason for 2.4oC of that increase. 

This is all focused on maintaining this Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 running at the coolest temperature possible to maintain the CPU as well as GPU frequency at a high level. We’ll return to the chip and its fan later and then we’ll talk about the display next. Each of the Red Magic 7 and the Pro feature 6.8″ AMOLED screens, 1,080 x 2,400 pixels resolution (20:9) 10 bit color depth, and full DCI-P3 coverage. Both display models differ in arrangement however. 


Red Magic 7 Pro released with 135W charging, UD camera, improved cooling

The Pro display is more bright 700 nits as opposed to. 600nits. Then, we move on up to charging. It is the air cooling system that’s vital for this, since the Pro model can charge at a staggering 135W and can completely fill its battery of 5,000 mAh in just 15 minutes. The fan ensures the heat generated by charging is controlled during the time it is taking place. The standard phone isn’t a any less than it is, and it also supports 120W charging which can fill its battery with 4,500 mAh within 17 minutes. 

In addition, both phones come with 165W USB-C chargers, which you could utilize to charge the gaming laptop compatible with it in addition to the phone. Since we’ve been discussing the cooling system once more we’ll provide a few additional details. The fan might spin quickly, but it doesn’t generate a lot of noise at 28 decibels. 

It lowers the CPU’s temperatures by sixteen degrees Celsius (60.8oF) and guarantees solid performance even during lengthy gaming sessions. It’s not all it takes It’s the ICE 8.0 comes with an eight-layer cooling design that comprises the Composite Phase Heat Dissipation Materials, an innovative thermally-conductive gel an vapor chamber, and a graphite sheet. 

If that’s sufficient, then the brand new Turbo Cooler accessory adds an external fan that increases the efficiency of heat dissipation by 17 percent and is 3 dB less noisy than the other accessories. All of it comes with RGB lighting effects, naturally. It’s the Red Magic 7 will come in Cyber Neon, Night Knight and the Deuterium Transparent Edition. The first two versions have RGB backlighting of lighting the Red Magic logo and breathing lights. In addition, the Deuterium Transparent Edition adds RGB lighting to the fan too (which can be seen through glass that is transparent) to add more excitement to the show.


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