Realme X7 Pro in a video teardown available on Youtube

Realme is one of the most popular smartphone authority. Realme officially added the Realme X7 Pro in September of last year. This smartphone launched only in India this month. Now Realme decided to teardown the Realme X7 Pro. So, let’s see.


This teardown is a little different from Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything fame. Realme’s people are probably trying to show more care towards the device, hence the use of a heating plate for example.

The result is the same, though. We get to see the insides of the phone. At the same time we’re also told how the R&D process for the X7 Pro took around eight months with an additional 400 hours of color tuning. And if you like hearing the phrase “leading camera setup”, then you definitely enjoyed the video.


See the video here.

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