Realme Watch 3 review has already out

Realme Watch 3 review has already out. Realme introduced the aptly called Realme Watch more than two years ago, and since then the manufacturer has steadily increased the range of wearables available. Its newest product, the Realme Watch 3, is positioned as a straight replacement for the Realme Watch 2, which was released last year and offered a respectable feature set and a long battery life for the price of INR 4,125 ($55/€45).


For INR 3,500 ($44/€44), the model for this year features an updated look with a bigger screen, squared-off borders, and Bluetooth calling in addition to the standard sports and activity monitoring. How does the Realme Watch 3 compare to its rivals, and are the additional features enough to justify an upgrade?

Realme Watch 3 review has already out


Even while the Realme Watch 3’s body is still entirely made of plastic, it seems more upscale than its predecessor. Now flat, the sides have a bright polish that from a distance gives the impression that it is a metal alloy. For this examination, we have the black color option with an intriguing gunmetal appearance.


A grey version of the Realme is also available; this version has a lighter watch strap and case. Speaking of the watch strap, it is constructed of sturdy silicone and measures 22mm, so you can replace it with any other band you might have to lie around.

The watch’s 40-gram weight makes it easy to wear all day. The watch has a single button on the right side that may be used to wake it up and go back. While the speaker is on the left, you also receive a microphone on that side.


The Realme Watch 3 offers continuous SpO2 tracking, stress, and sleep monitoring, along with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, just like other contemporary smartwatches.

In addition, the watch tracks more than 110 sports and activities. 16 sports modes may be active simultaneously on the watch, and switching between them involves opening the Realme Link app on your phone. Additionally, Realme offers more than 100 watch faces through the Link app, which instantly syncs to the watch.


The watch can only hold four watch faces at once, so if you wish to add more, you’ll need to erase the current ones. A number of helpful functions are also included in the watch, including an alarm, weather widget, reminders app, music controls, and Bluetooth camera shutter functionality.


The UI animations execute without latency, and navigating the interface seems quick and lag-free. The Watch 3 utilizes the same basic proprietary operating system and pre-installed apps as the rest of Realme’s watch lineup.

Swipes are used to navigate the watch and the side key doubles as the back button. The ability to double-tap the screen to wake it up is one item that is absent. Continuous SpO2, stress, and heart rate monitoring are all as effective as those on more costly watches. SpO2 and heart rate values in real-time are quick and simple to record.

The presentation of workout data is attractive and includes big, scrollable indicators. Cardio exercises provide important data such as average pace, calories expended, average cadence (number of steps per minute), average stride, and total steps.

The watch did restart itself a few times throughout different training sessions, which cost me several workouts. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the next software upgrades. The GPS receiver on your attached phone should deliver more accurate data even if the watch doesn’t have one built in.

Battery Life

In our tests, we discovered that Realme’s claim that the Watch 3 may be used for up to 7 days was true with mild usage, albeit I only got 5 days out of a single charge. My Watch 3 use case consisted of three to four exercises per week, 24/7 heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress monitoring, raise-to-wake screen brightness of 40%, and continual alerts from all applications on my associated phone.

Additionally, the watch has a power-saving mode that just displays the time and date. It takes slightly over two hours to charge fully.


  • Bluetooth calling
  • Lightweight design
  • Solid battery life
  • IP68 rating


  • Iterative upgrade over Realme Watch 2
  • Lower resolution display (still LCD)
  • No auto brightness
  • Not swim-proof


An incremental improvement to the Realme Watch 2 is the Watch 3. This year, Bluetooth calling—which functions effectively and is typically not guaranteed for watches at this price point—is the major new feature.

Although Watch 3 is entirely constructed of plastic, it nonetheless feels light enough on the wrist and has a more upscale appearance than its predecessor.

Even though the decreased resolution and peak brightness levels are not optimal, the slightly bigger 1.8-inch screen and smaller bezels are a pleasant improvement. Similar to other watches and smart bands in this price range, health and fitness tracking is available.

The only things this watch is missing are a dedicated GPS sensor and a sharper OLED screen, which would make it an easy recommendation. Realme Watch 3 is a decent smartwatch that offers Bluetooth calling, which is not often included in this price range, and capable health and fitness monitoring for INR 3,500 ($44/€44).

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