Realme responds to allegations that the Realme UI 4.0 feature collects personal user data

Realme responds to allegations that the Realme UI 4.0 feature collects personal user data. Realme has become the newest company to encounter difficulties due to allegations of gathering private user data coming to light during the increasing scrutiny of Chinese enterprises by the Indian government.


More information will be supplied to provide a complete picture of the issue. Realme has lately been accused of gathering user data using a function activated by default. The feature in the issue is referred to as “Enhanced Intelligent Services,” it can be found in Realme UI 4.0, the operating system that powers several Realme smartphone models.

Realme responds to allegations that the Realme UI 4.0 feature collects personal user data

Rishi Bagree, a Twitter user, raised the issues by pointing out that this function, which is enabled by default, collects a variety of data, including device information, app use statistics, location data, calendar events, and statistics about SMS messages and calls. Notably, there is minimal opportunity for interpretation because this information is expressly stated in the feature’s description.


Twitter users criticized the default-enabled service and voiced worries about the destination of the data collected in reaction to the claims. When Rajeev Chandrashekar, Union Minister of Electronics and Technology, retweeted the tweet and stated that the government would look into and confirm the claims, it attracted attention.

Realme in Union Minister of Electronics and Technology’s radar

This scenario can potentially worsen into a major problem for the Realme brand, given the Indian government’s prior actions of banning multiple China-based applications over data privacy concerns. On time, Realme addressed the charges and sent 91mobiles a statement addressing worries about the app’s performance and the security and privacy of Realme customers. According to the company, “Realme places a high value on the security and privacy of our customers, and we are dedicated to upholding data security confidentially.

We would want to clarify, specifically concerning the concern mentioned, that the expanded intelligent services feature is connected to optimizing device utilization to ensure that customers receive better battery life and temperature performance. However, we do not link any data on SMS, phone calls, schedules, etc., in contrast to the existing description.


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