Realme flagship smartphone is going to kill the market

Realme flagship smartphone is going to kill the market. One of the best times to buy a new smartphone is before Christmas. Will has taken our regularly updated lists of flagships and flagship killers to purchase and put them together in one convenient video for your viewing.


The supposed destroyers of flagships no longer pose a threat because they have successfully established a new subset to which they both peacefully belong. Flagships are the company’s highest-end products, representing the pinnacle of design and engineering achievement.

Realme flagship smartphone is going to kill the market.

Those are aimed at the people who will never be satisfied with an older model of smartphone and must have the newest one, no matter the cost. Their “killers,” coined by OnePlus years ago, are high-performance smartphones that use the latest and most excellent flagship chipset.

The main difference is that budget models sacrifice some features to keep costs down. One area where this is most noticeable is the camera, where you may see lower image quality compared to flagship models and no optical zoom.


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