PUBG Mobile India get registration in India

  1. PUBG India Pvt. Ltd has been officially registered as a company in India
  2. PUBG MOBILE INDIA`S approachability for android user initially
  3. Content of PUBG MOBILE India.

Hey, guys already we have known that PUBG MOBILE is coming in India with a new version. It comes with containing Indian culture and tradition as much as possible. It will have known as PUBG MOBILE. This game is much closer to launch. The PUBG authority is talking about pre-registration on the Tap Tap platform. The company is preparing to bring some new features. These are gameplay improvements, less bloodshed, fully clothed characters, and few other changes. But we don`t know that when it will launch. The PUBG India Pvt. Ltd gets registration as a company in India on the MCA India website.


It is a one more improving step for PUBG to launch in India.

PUBG MOBILE approachability for android user initially

PUBG Mobile India vs FAU-G
PUBG Mobile India vs FAU-G

According to a report, it will available for android users on the google play store very soon. The game is likely to release for iOS users a few days later. Recently, PUBG Mobile India briefly went live as an app on Google Play Store and APK download but was not available for iOS users.

Content of PUBG MOBILE

This new version comes with a ‘virtual simulation training ground’. The blood effect colored in Green instead of red.  PUBG Corp invests US 100 million into India’s video game industry, with a local subsidiary.

Hey PUBG lovers get ready to enjoy the new version. It will come very soon on the Google play store.


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