Possible second Pixel foldable’s camera details surface

Possible second Pixel foldable’s camera details surface. The developer above dug through the code of Google’s forthcoming camera offerings and discovered new information about their camera technologies. They found new details about the secondary front-facing camera, dubbed “Felix,” which is an 8MP IMX355 with one lens covering a zoom range of 3x to 12x while another lens is used to capture 52MP photos/videos and has distortion correction, as well as references to a high-end Pixel tablet codenamed “T6Pro” or “tango pro.”


Next week on October 6th, Google will be holding an event to reveal upcoming devices – but it remains to be seen what the future holds for these unidentified tablets and folding phones. In July, a developer dug through Google’s source code and revealed details about the upcoming “Pixel 7”, “Pixel 7 Pro“, a tablet “Pixel tablet,” and a new foldable smartphone “Pixel foldable.”

Possible second Pixel foldable’s camera details surface

That same developer climbed into the code of the Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release 1 and found camera information about what might be the second Pixel foldable device codenamed Felix. The camera system on this device features three units with 64MP primary image sensor IMX787 only, 12MP ultrawide image sensor IMX386, and 10.8MP telephoto image sensor S5K3J1.

The inner camera utilizes an 8MP IMX355 sensor, while the outer front-facing camera on this device employs the S5K3J1 sensor. The developer also discovered references to another high-end Pixel tablet called “T6Pro” or “tango pro.”

It seems to be early in its development phases but doesn’t reveal any changes over the regular model referred to as “T6” or “tango.” Google will hold an event on October 6 to unveil its new Pixel phones, which are expected to include a new single lens folding.


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