Oppo Find X3 with New photo and display technology

Oppo announced its new “Full-path Color Management System.”It will appear with the upcoming Oppo Find X3 series next year. Full path means the covering of everything from capturing the image by the system. Also with storing them, presenting them with DCI-P3 gamut coverage and 10-bit color depth.


An image starts its journey with capture. Oppo has taken algorithms and hardware. These will protect the integrity of an image by reducing multi-frame noise, distortion correction, and “perceptual extreme super-resolution”.

There is also a new feature to see. The new development is support for the Digital overlap (DOL) HDR sensor.DOL captures multiple exposures than the typical HDR. It removes the need to correct for moving objects.


The images are stored in the HEIF format, after capturing. It is 10-bit color depth supportable against JPEG. JPEG is limited to 8 bit. 10-bit images have smoother gradients and can hold up during editing.

At last for displaying images Oppo will use a screen calibration procedure. It will help to bring the color accuracy of the screen to around 0.4 JNCD. This is ensured by the algorithm that the image’s color gamut is adjusted to match that of the display, DCI-P3 with a D65 white point.

There has also an event in which Oppo has partnered with Zhejiang University. The develop testing and develop solutions that correct images for improved viewing by color blind people. All consumers will be satisfied with that.

This full path color management system will debut with the Oppo Find X3 series. And it will hit the market next year. The new system will add nice new camera hardware, though Oppo doesn’t give a waiver about that.



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