OnePlus teases Nord smartwatch, expected to come soon

OnePlus teases Nord smartwatch, expected to come soon. Introducing OnePlus India’s forthcoming Nord wristwatch has already begun to be hinted at. Known as the Nord Watch, the gadget has a squared-off display, a curved casing, noticeable lugs, and a push button that resembles a watch crown.


Simple silicone bands with a black look are used as the watch’s strap in this instance. It remains to be seen whether this will be a true smartwatch or just a glorified fitness band. It may be the same with the Nord Watch as OnePlus continues to refer to its current OnePlus Watch as a “smartwatch” even though it offers no intelligent capabilities.

OnePlus teases Nord smartwatch, expected to come soon.

However, it should be much less costly since it is a Nord gadget. There are currently no other specifics available, with the status just reading “Coming soon.” Over the coming several weeks, more information will be made available. The launch is anticipated at the end of this month or early October.


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