OnePlus Nord N10 5G or OnePlus N100 is in pre-order in US

We know that OnePAndrlus recently launched One Plus Nord N10 5G and the OnePlus Nord N100. Now, they appeared pre-order in the US. Following the announcement of their landing across the ocean, which came a few days ago. These are the first members of the Nord family to ever be officially sold in the US. Because the original Nord has for some reason stayed out of that market.


If you want to buy these smartphones now you can pre-order one starting today. If you’re wondering why you’d pre-order, well how about some freebies?

By purchasing them from the One Plus website, you will get a pair of One Plus Buds Z frees the NordN10 and a pair of OnePlus Buds Wireless Z for free with the NordN100. If you buy them from B&H, you’ll receive either a $50 gift card (for the N10) or a $30 gift card (for the N100).


The Nord N10 5G is available for $299, while the Nord N100 is priced at $179.

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