OnePlus Ace3 is launching on January 4 with three colors

OnePlus has just unveiled the long-awaited OnePlus Ace3, revealing its innovative design and a stylish range of colors. The device is scheduled to launch on January 4 at 2:30 p.m. It is bringing a new era of flagship experiences and marking a pivotal moment for OnePlus in 2024.


OnePlus China President Li Jie eagerly welcomed the year’s inaugural mobile industry conference, highlighting it as a pivotal moment for the brand. He stressed the OnePlus Ace3’s goal to revolutionize the “flagship experience popularization” with cutting-edge hardware and a distinctive texture design.

The OnePlus Ace3 stands out with unique color choices, each telling its own story. “Star Black” mimics the deep night sky using “Silk Glass Technology” for a fingerprint-resistant, sleek finish.


“Moon Sea Blue” takes inspiration from the sea of tranquility, introducing the first-of-its-kind “quenching blue glass technology” to create a premium tactile experience reminiscent of moonlit waters.

For a touch of luxury, choose the “Mingsha Gold” option, which embodies the earth’s rhythm and the desert’s first sunlight. With cutting-edge “molten gold glass technology,” this variant shines with a captivating metallic luster, showcasing a glittering and translucent finish.

The upcoming OnePlus Ace3 will revolutionize the smartphone scene in 2024, combining top-notch performance with a fresh take on design and user experience. This eagerly awaited device promises to set new standards, making a lasting impact on the tech world.


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