OnePlus 8T Pro expected to arrive soon: Guide Pages

Recently, OnePlus put up guide pages. From that guide pages, we think, OnePlus 8T Pro expected to arrive as soon as possible. Last time, OnePlus introduced us to so many successive smartphones. We are really so thankful for that. OnePlus brings so many flagship phones and most of them are budget-friendly. In that case, OnePlus would be the competitor of the iPhone brand.


What we have here are basically a few URLs that have found to act on the official OnePlus domain. That is to say, that then lead to pages. Said pages are generic versions of phone “guides” that offer practically no information. 

OnePlus 8T Pro expected to arrive soon

The OnePlus 8T and one for the 8T Pro are simplified by specifications. Followed by two Nord devices – N100 and N105g and finally, a device simply codenamed SS9805. Most probably one powered by the new and more affordable, but still 5G-capable Snapdragon 690 chipset. Though, these leaks could just as easily relate to two separate Nord devices.

It has an internal memory of 128GB, which can keep a lot of files and data of the user. There is no expandable memory slot that can keep up with the help of a memory card. This stylish device has a 48MP, 16MP, 8MP, QVGA camera in the back, and a 20MP camera on the front side. This mobile is powered by a standard 4850mAh Li-polymer battery.


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