OnePlus 8T concept will have mmWave Radar

OnePlus 8T has revealed a new concept device that comes based on Oneplus 8T. This device is the One Plus 8T concept. Now the authority has unveiled some showcase technologies which they will use on it.


The One Plus 8T Concept features a color-changing film under the back glass. The film contains metal oxide and can change its colors based on different applied voltages by changing the valence state of the metal ions. The film can change its color from silver to a dark blue and back. The back glass is etched in a way to mimic the shape of the Pamukkale hot spring terraces in Turkey.

The One Plus 8T concept will feature a mmWave radar system. This feature can transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. This is the most difference between The Oneplus 8T & Oneplus 8T concept. This lets the radar system perceive, image, locate, and track objects. It can do this at a millimeter level and also works in any lighting condition in a way an optical ToF system may not.


OnePlus 8T Latest features in the video

OnePlus says the color-changing glass can be used as a notification system. The mmWave radar system has added under the rear camera panel. It can be used to detect your hand gestures. And you can, for example, accept or dismiss calls by waving your hand over the device.

OnePlus also made a breathing monitor app. Which uses the mmWave radar to track the movement of your chest and can calculate the rate at which you’re breathing.

Certainly, this device is not fully prepared for sale. It just unveiled some showcases of some of the tech the company is currently working on and may include, in another shape or form, in future devices. So, we are not sure that when it will appear for launch. So, let’s wait for various leaks.

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