OnePlus 12 launch is set for December 5, The Design is here

The OnePlus 12 is set to come in White, Green, and Black. The company unveiled the phone’s look today, and it closely aligns with leaked images, staying consistent with the OnePlus 11 design.

OnePlus 12 Official Promotional Video

The posters announced that the launch would occur on December 5 at 14:30 local time. This implies that the December 4 keynote celebrating OnePlus’ ten-year anniversary won’t include any new announcements.

These pictures hint that the upcoming OnePlus flagship will feature the brand’s inaugural smartphone with a periscope lens for the telephoto camera. While the OnePlus Open sports a comparable square design, it lacks the actual folded optics.


The square arrangement mirrors the OnePlus 11 with four circles, but the LED flash has shifted from the circular island. The fourth small circle is probably designated for RGB sensors or a 3D ToF sensor.

Next week’s launch is happening in China, with the global reveal set for January.

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