OnePlus 11 leaked images in an official teaser

OnePlus 11 leaked images in the official teaser. Today, in China, OnePlus celebrated its ninth anniversary with an event that, as anticipated, included a tease of the OnePlus 11 that has been rumoured for some time.


While the OnePlus 11 is not fully seen in the video, the four-circle camera and flash module island are visible on the back of the phone. According to the latest design rumours, the smartphone will include a notification slider on the right side of the frame, and the island will be branded with the Hasselblad name.

OnePlus 11 leaked images in the official teaser.

Even though in the video OnePlus only shows the black model, said to be dubbed Matte Black, a leaked picture shows that there will also be a green variety, which is expected to be sold as Glossy Green. Only a little more is known about the OnePlus 11, although the company has promised further information in the coming days.


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