Nokia 105 4G (2023) launched with 1450mAh big battery, costs ¥199 ($29)

Nokia 105 4G (2023) launched with 1450mAh big battery, costs ¥199 ($29). Nokia released the candy bar-style Nokia 105 4G on April 25, 2021, for 229 yuan (~$33). It supports Alipay. Nokia released a new 105 4G today with a larger battery for longer life. Pre-ordering the new phone costs 199 yuan (~$29), down from 229 yuan.


The new Nokia 105 4G has a 42% larger battery @ 1450mAh, 32GB storage, Bluetooth 5.0, Migu music, and Himalaya features. Voice broadcasting is gone. The phone is also black and blue with strong button letters. Despite the improvements, the new phone keeps the candy bar look and tactile buttons, making it perfect for senior users, students, and people who require a backup phone.

Nokia 105 4G (2023) launched with 1450mAh big battery, costs ¥199 ($29)

Nokia 105 4G HIA’s Alipay access through right-clicking or the payment menu stands out. “Payment code” opens the payment QR code or barcode. Dual nano-SIM card slots allow the Nokia 105 4G to enable dual-card dual-standby and dual 4G full Netcom.


It supports VoLTE HD voice calls, giving it a trustworthy phone choice. The Nokia 105 4G also has wireless external radio that may be played via the speaker or without headphones. The “up” button turns on and off a one-button flashlight.

Finally, “Snake” is pre-installed. The Nokia 105 4G, powered by UNISOC’s T107 lightweight processor, is a suitable replacement. It ships on April 28 and is predicted to be popular with people searching for a dependable and economical mobile phone.

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