NEXG N71 Receives Latest OTA Software Update with Resolved Hang Issue

Walton has rolled out a new Over-The-Air (OTA) software update for its popular Walton NEXG N71 model. This latest update, marked by the SW version NEXG_N71_V14_20231226, brings a host of improvements and most notably addresses and resolves a hanging issue that users may have experienced. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting update.


Software Update Details

Source Version: NEXG_N71_V10_20230822
Target Version: NEXG_N71_V14_20231226

Improvements and Resolved Issues

  1. Hang Issue Resolution:
  • The highlight of this update is the successful resolution of a hanging issue that some users may have encountered. The update includes optimizations and fixes that ensure smoother performance, preventing the device from freezing or becoming unresponsive.
  1. Enhanced Stability:
  • The new software update focuses on enhancing overall system stability, providing users with a more reliable and seamless experience while using their NEXG N71 devices.
  1. Performance Boost:
  • Users can expect an overall improvement in device performance with the incorporation of optimizations that contribute to faster response times and smoother multitasking capabilities.
  1. Bug Fixes:
  • Various bug fixes have been implemented to address minor issues reported by users, ensuring a more polished and error-free user experience.
  1. Security Patches:
  • The update includes the latest security patches, bolstering the device’s defense against potential vulnerabilities and ensuring a secure user environment.

How to Update

  • Users will receive a notification on their NEXG N71 devices prompting them to download and install the update. Ensure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and has sufficient battery life before proceeding with the update.
  • Alternatively, users can manually check for updates by navigating to Settings > Software Update > Check for Updates.
  • Recommended to back up important data before initiating the update to prevent any potential data loss during the process.


Walton’s commitment to delivering a top-notch user experience is evident in the continuous improvements and enhancements introduced through software updates. The Walton NEXG N71’s latest OTA update not only addresses a lingering hang issue but also brings several performance optimizations and bug fixes, ensuring users enjoy a reliable and smooth smartphone experience. Keep your device up to date to make the most of these improvements and stay tuned for future updates from Walton.


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