Mysterious Google Pixel smartphone UL Demko certification reveals a 4,942mAh battery, maybe a top-tier smartphone

Google is making new smartphones. There’s the Pixel 8a, the top-of-the-line Pixel 9 series, and the much-awaited Pixel Fold 2.


We’ve seen a sneak peek of the Pixel 8a’s look from leaked retail packaging. Also, pictures of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro have come out, showing a unique style for Google’s next phone series. And now, there’s something new happening too.

UL DEMKO listing

A new Google phone, with model number GH2MB, was seen on UL Demko’s website. It’s certified to have a battery with 4,942mAh power, which might be typically 5,000mAh.


Which device it could be?

This mystery device has a big battery, suggesting it might not be the usual Pixel 8a, a cheaper phone. Instead, it could be more like the expensive Pixel 9 series, especially the Pro ones. It might also be for the Pixel Fold 2 because those phones need big batteries.

But we don’t know for sure what device it is. Soon, more information should come out about the GH2MB.

Also, there’s news, a new chip, Tensor G4 is spotted on Geekbench. It could be for the next Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2.

But there’s a problem: the new chip has eight cores, while the old one, Tensor G3 has nine. And it seems a bit slower in performance. Maybe it’s because it’s not finished yet, but it’s confusing that the company is cutting down on the number of cores.


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