iPhone 14 models expected to have 120 Hz screens, 6GB of RAM

iPhone 14 models expected to have 120 Hz screens, 6GB of RAM. Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 14 family is expected to be launched in the fall. It will consist of four models that include iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro as well as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. “Mini” models will be discontinued “mini” model will be removed following the disappointing numbers of sales for iPhone 13 mini.


iPhone 13 mini. According to a note of research from Analyst Jeff Pu for Haitong International Securities This year, Apple will bring the Pro as well as non-Pro models more similar than they were before in terms of screen size and memory capacity employed. In actuality the of the four iPhone 14 models are said to have 120-Hz screens not only the two Pro models (as is the situation with the iPhone 13 generation). In addition, the four iPhone 14 models will also come with the identical amount of RAM that is 6GB. 

iPhone 14 models expected to have 120 Hz screens, 6GB of RAM

This is similar to the present situation in which there is a difference between the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 are both 4GB in size, while those with Pro as well as Pro Max come with 6GB. Prior to this, Pu said the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would bump that up to 8GB. However, this isn’t the case anymore. An “supply chain check” revealed that the cost factor is the reason for the shift in the strategy. 


Since these features are identical in the less expensive models and the more expensive Pro models however, it is yet to be determined what additional things Apple will add to the Pro models to make them stand out as well as make the differential simple to digest. Cameras will undoubtedly continue to be a key area of distinction, but up at present, there was no distinction between the screen refresh rates and RAM capacities. 

In the end, Pu says the Pros will be able to start with 128GB of storage (while the other models will begin at 64GB, according to reports) Also, Pro models will have 256GB of storage. Pro versions will have the much-rumored 48-megapixel main camera. It’s still far from the iPhone 14 rumor cycle, therefore don’t take all of this as a given just yet. It’s still time to hear any other reports to confirm or disprove these assertions.

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