iPhone 12 Pro Max rolled out with new 2.5x telephoto camera, still not used in the dark

yeah, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max already rolled out with a new 2.5x telephoto camera. Actually, it still not used in the dark. Fortunately, last year Apple made Night mode Available on the new iPhone 12 series for the selfie and ultrawide cameras. This is absolutely good thing for iPhone users. iPhone is reputed not only for brand value, camera performances too.


For taking the user comfort zone to the next level, Apple proudly made those kinds of changes on their new, latest devices. First of all, Apple confirmed that the Night Mode feature only available for the primary camera of the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 Pro Max rolled out with new 2.5x telephoto camera

Telephoto camera on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple also announced a new longer 2.5x telephoto camera on the 12 Pro Max. Which is many expected would be able to shoot Night Mode shots, despite Apple’s deliberate silence on the matter. Well, it doesn’t. Just like the 11 Pro series and the 12 Pro, the 12 Pro Max prefers to digitally zoom to 2.5x from its main camera, then use its true 2.5x imager in the dark.


Apple is a reputed mobile manufacturer company. This isn’t new. In our review of the iPhone 12 Pro, we noted – “The 12MP telephoto camera sometimes works at night and that depends on the available light. If the luminance goes below some fixed point, the phone uses its primary camera and digitally zooms instead.”

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