Huawei’s Q2 2023 smartphone sales surged by 58%

Huawei’s Q2 2023 smartphone sales surged by 58%. The Chinese smartphone industry’s second quarter of 2023 saw Huawei emerge as the market leader, according to the most recent statistics from market research company Counterpoint Research.


Despite major manufacturers’ overall sales declining throughout the quarter, Huawei’s sales grew extraordinarily by 58% year over year. The increase in Huawei’s sales may linked to the company’s decision to resume its regular product release schedule, which allowed it to capitalize on its well-known brand name and extensive offline distribution networks in premier cities.

Huawei’s Q2 2023 smartphone sales surged by 58%

As soon as the initial supply shortages overcome, this technique led to a spike in sales. Other manufacturers like Realme and Apple had excellent growth in Q2, while Vivo maintained its lead with a 17.7% market share.


Counterpoint Research forecasts a minor fall in sales of smartphones in China for the entire year of 2023 despite the difficulties encountered in the first half of the year. Even if improvements over the first half anticipated in the second half, a meaningful comeback may difficult due to ongoing market difficulties.

Huawei’s Exceptional Sales Growth in a Declining Market

The recent introduction of midrange and flagship phones like the Nova 11 and P60 series and Huawei’s concentration on its flagship series have all contributed to the company’s sales rise. Additionally, it anticipated that the future Mate 60 series, which said to have a fantastic camera configuration, would increase its sales even more. On August 4th, Huawei plans to release its newest Harmony OS 4.0, further improving its smartphone experience.

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