Huawei P70 series to feature upgraded camera

Digital Chat Station’s recent report spills intriguing details about Huawei’s upcoming flagship phone, likely from the P70 series. The buzz revolves around a groundbreaking one-inch bottom main camera, suggesting a significant boost in imaging capabilities.


According to the report, the Huawei P70 (possibly the Art Edition) could boast a revolutionary 100mm focal length with 4x optical zoom, featuring a new periscope module. This isn’t just a hardware upgrade; it signifies a leap in imaging technology.

Speculation is rife that the P70 Series marks the point where Huawei’s imaging prowess truly stands out. The blogger also points out the distinctive design of Huawei’s flagship lens, comparing one version to the P60 series but now arranged in a visually appealing triangular formation. The big question remains unanswered: whether this lens description applies to the standard P70 model, an Art version, or other new models, injecting an air of mystery into the excitement.


Huawei aims to revolutionize flagship smartphone photography with features like the one-inch super large bottom main camera and a periscope module offering 4x optical zoom in the upcoming P70 Series.

Expect a thrilling combination of design and cutting-edge imaging technology. Stay tuned for updates!

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