Huawei P40 has a triple camera on the backside

Nowadays, Huawei is a growthful brand in our country. Most of the people attracted by their P30 model. Now it will launch its P40 model and it will have a triple camera on the backside. Huawei P40 has a triple camera on the backside.


A photo of what is allegedly a piece of the Huawei P40’s camera assembly. And taken at a production line. It gives us a glimpse of what the company’s ‘base’ flagship for the Spring season may pack in terms of hardware.

Generally, we are looking triple cameras – the three circular cutouts. (Huawei P30 pro) Many people talk about these are periscope. (P40 pro) But not like that. None of them will be a periscope telephoto, apparently, as such designs have rectangular openings. (P40)

Huawei P40 has a triple camera on the backside

Huawei arranges a dual LED Flash on Huawei P40. It will an amazing thing at all and attractive too.

With all of them under the same roof, the complete assembly will look similar to the one on the Honor V30 Pro.


If the P30 had three, the P40 isn’t going to have fewer. Huawei P40 is not going to have more than three judgings by the cutouts either. A piece of milled metal isn’t very telling as to the cameras’ specs.

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